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Why You Need TAG Collective

Your career and business are as unique as the reasons you began your journey. BIG ideas and passion that help change the world are part of the DNA that makes the TAG team electrifying, bringing your ideas and dreams to life. Whether you are marketing to Gen Alpha, Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, Baby Boomers, or a subset yet to be identified, we're experts at crafting solutions and strategies that lean into not only generational demographics, but micro demographics and micro niches.

For nearly a decade, TAG Collective has been the essential building block for successful brands, as well as elevating profiles of entrepreneurs, celebrities, notables, high profile CXOs, and startups. From localized expertise to global execution, our unique approach to your growth we call StoryScaling™ lets us plug-in to your team to drive your growth. No cookie cutter approaches here. With TAG Collective, Marketing Just Works™.


Marilyn Lopez and Daniel Chartock's global experience and visions build and execute success for clients



Here is a peak at how we use StoryScaling™ to elevate your brand and profile:


We developed StoryScaling™ to empower brands to forge and grow everlasting customer bonds. We focus on the why. Why your customers should choose you, why we will say what we say, and why your message will transcend platforms and audiences, resulting in next-level impact.

Traditional & Digital Marketing

To succeed today, you must be everywhere your potential client is. With our attention fracturing more and more each day, understanding the how and where is critical to driving successful campaigns. We build thoughtful campaigns that are everywhere your customers are.

Beautiful Design and Content

Beautiful design combines aesthetic appeal, thoughtful composition, and effective communication creating captivating and engaging visual elements. It leverages color, typography, imagery, and layout to evoke emotions, convey messages, and achieve results.

Private Events

In a world driven on Instagrammable and TikTokable moments, private events remain among the most robust ways to connect with potential customers, celebrate milestones and accelerate relationships. Events are our thing! And we know how to create noise.


Engaging consumers directly, we create memorable and interactive brand experiences. From immersive events, pop-ups, movies and more - all engineered to connect on a deeper level, fostering brand loyalty and positive sentiment and make people want to #TAGTHIS. Content is king.


Marilyn Lopez and Daniel Chartock’s backgrounds are so unique that their decades of combined experience growing startups, entertainment, hospitality, tech, marketing, communicationss and more, is ready to help guide you and your organization to help reach your goals.

Media, Information, Digital Media Relations and Social Media

The game of public relations and communications has evolved and you need a team that's evolved with it. This multi-faceted world requires paying attention to data within data.

From strategic media relations to paid placement, to social media and more, we work to maximize results.

Artist, Celebrity, and Influencer Relations

While some companies thing they can go it alone, a successful campaign goes beyond just engaging a talent. Followers and engagement are just the beginning. Our team digs deep, measuring interactions at a sub-demographic level to make sure your engagement dollars reach further and deliver the results you want through our proprietary technology.

Artist, Influencer, Celebrity and Talent Management

The right representation makes all of the difference. We understand not only what makes brands excited, but the data they're looking at to make decisions, affecting how much you're paid to engage with them.

TAG Collective is unmatched in our ability to help our talent succeed and maximize opportunities.

Getting Started with TAG Collective!

01. Let's Align On Where We Can Help

Let's meet up! The magic happens when we meet. We can talk about your needs and challenges so we can pull together an approach as unique as your business.

02. Sign with Us

Once we agree on scope and align on goals, we'll get an agreement executed and begin our onboarding process to get you started expeditiously.

03. Strategizing

Once we're underway, the TAG team will get begin their creative process to start developing the strategy for our engagement and researching opportunities to help maximize our work together. Our strategies are designed to continue to evolve, taking into consideration real-world feedback, changing market conditions, and evaluating changes and shifts in resonance, tone and sentiment in an on-going fashion.

04. Achieving Success Together

Our team will get underway with executing the agreed campaigns and strategies. We'll create touchpoint and communications cadences to keep you up-to-date on all the latest changes.

agency spotlight

Just a few things we're incredibly proud of!
TAG Collective Founder Marilyn Lopez Featured in WE Magazine

TAG Collective Founder Marilyn Lopez Featured in WE Magazine

We love getting our clients in the news, but we love seeing our leadership in the news just as much.  Take a few moments and read TAG Collective Founder Marilyn Lopez’s inspiring journey and how she helps TAG clients succeed everyday in WE Magazine.

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