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When Brand Building, Small But Influential ALWAYS Outweighs Large But Silent

I often talk with clients and work with them to navigate this vast new world of digital media. The best, worst, part of that job is overcoming the myth of numbers. Everyone has been taught that “bigger is better.” While true in context, the subtext is almost always more daunting.

For those well-versed in math, the concept is simple enough: would you rather have ten outlets that each has 20,000 readers, where 10% or more read their stuff religiously, rather than an outlet with 7,000,000 readers and thousands of articles a day where less than 0.1% will see it? (Math hint: 20,000 x 10 = 200,000 x 10% = 20,000 readers who believe in your product VS. 7,000,000 x 0.1% = 7,000 who say, oh, okay, nice.)

Don’t get me wrong – the big outlets are hugely important too and boast their own value. For example if you already have a brand following, the article will almost certainly raise higher in the rankings on that site and be seen by more people. Also, depending on the Google Ranking Scores, it can have tremendous SEO value for your brand too (that is, if they backlink to you – something we always push for with our clients and relationships.)

What’s my point? Simple – when building a brand – each and every mention of your brand in front of their targeted audience, from a trusted source, equals a greater opportunity for conversation. None should be shunned just because of their size perception. Often, when consulting, and speaking with prospective clients, I cite one of my favorite studies in recent years – one that says it takes between 7 and 13 touchpoints to convert a new customer. That fruit is certainly a low lower hanging the more penetration (in terms of number of outlets you have) versus just the big ones. What all of this ultimately turns into is trust in your brand – the most valuable commodity you can cultivate.

Until next time, keep you brand broadening. ~DC

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