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The Importance of Hiring a Multi-Cultural Team to Manage Your Brand

We’ve all been on social media when brands like Gucci and H&M have come under fire for controversial campaigns that easily could have been avoided. With so much emphasis on diversity, inclusion, and equitable representation in the media, it is crucial to have a team that understands how to be all over the internet while remaining focused on the goal of such research. 

The reality of the digital age is that everyone’s voice matters. To be clear, there has never been a time where everyone’s voice shouldn’t have mattered; but in a world of hash-tagged headlines and social media journalists, there is power behind every voice. When our clients come to us with new ideas for campaigns, content, or events we know that they were created with a single person or group’s perspective in mind. It is not our job to be yes-people, rather brainstorm on behalf of their digital audience. 

The United States is on its way to making Spanish its official second language; the President declared “Black Lives Matter;” and a new icon is canceled on Twitter every day. The world is changing. We need to be more mindful of one another and our individual impacts on the world than ever before. Most people on the internet are “woke” enough to see straight through smoke and mirrors. Merely hopping on trends that support diversity and inclusivity will not do. If diversity and inclusion are not embedded in the fabric of your brand or company, it’s imperative to hire a group with this type of vision. 

Even when working with our most socially conscious clients, it is clear to see that one cannot run a business and be everywhere at once

TAG Collective is made up of a diverse group of people coming from all walks of life, widely ranging in age groups, ethnicities, educational backgrounds, and more. We use our individual perspectives and combined agency identity to offer our clients insight that reflects the importance of the world’s many points of view.

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