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PR vs. Journalism

A Lot of people ask the question of is Public Relations and Journalism the same thing? 

Of course they constantly correlate between the two as they build the mediums of TV, magazines and social media with news of all sorts – from lifestyle, to beauty, to even sports and entertainment. Now the question is what does each role do that makes it unique from the other. 

In both journalism and PR, professionals are constantly communicating with the public. They tell stories and interact with their audiences – it is what keeps the organizations running so smoothly and interchangeable between the two

While a  journalist writes for a mass audience, public relations officials write for a targeted audience, a certain demographic depending on the present issue. Journalism is just about producing content. – Channels: Journalists reach audiences only through one channel (the medium that publishes or broadcasts their work).

Publicists use a variety of publications or channels to reach a specific audience. PR has many components, ranging from counseling to issues management and special events, while journalism is just about producing content.

Journalism Goals:

  • Supplying news content of all subjects
  • Keeping people informed on events, issues and important people in the world
  • Provide valuable information for people to make good decisions
  • Check the power of the government and provide an open flow of communication

Public Relations Goals:

  • Protect the reputation of their clientele
  • Enhance their clients image in the public
  • Always Maintain a favorable image
  • Communicate with the organization’s publics

In order for professionals in the journalism and PR industries to be successful, it is essential to build credibility and trust with the audience. Journalists build trust by reporting and publishing fair and accurate content so that they are recognized as a credible organization. In addition to credibility, PR professionals build trust to inform and persuade target audiences to support an organization or product. They together work hand-in-hand to ensure that trust and interest between the media and the public. 

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