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Experience = Opportunity

As a kid, I always imagined myself working the red carpet, styling the main character on my favorite TV show, or speaking to a room of reporters on behalf of an influential art or culture company. As a child, I had no idea how I was going to make these dreams come true, but I’ve always been determined to try. Going to college in 2017 opened my eyes to a world of career and networking opportunities that sparked the Senior Account Executive of TAG Media Group that people see today. 

When I arrived, I thought I wanted to be a print reporter. I joined my school’s newspaper and I knew that wasn’t the path for me. I joined a female-run blog and enjoyed that for a while, but I still felt like I was limiting myself. Finally, I joined my university’s newscast and connected to the work immediately. (I know that still doesn’t explain how I landed in PR, but I’m getting there). Working for the local TV station allowed me to write, produce, direct, and create all at once – I was hooked. I worked every single position in that newsroom because I wanted to learn that badly. I worked my way to Senior Producer of the newscast and I started booking guests for our entertainment and news segments – this was my peephole into the world of PR. (Remember what I said I wanted to do when I first got to school? Yeah, me either.)

Even with all of that involvement, I ended the school year without an internship offer from the dozens to which I applied, but I refused to go home and work at the same restaurant that employed me during high school – I wanted more. I packed up my bags and moved from New Jersey to New York to find something that inspired me. The first night I arrived, I attended a launch event for a new music app – perfect for networking with major players in the entertainment industry. Interestingly enough, I met Marilyn and Daniel (TAG Co-Founders) through a connection I made that night. After a round of follow-up emails and new LinkedIn connections, I started as a Digital Intern for TMG only three weeks later and I knew I found something that I could do forever. 

This June will be two years since I started working with TAG Collective. In that time, I have learned the same amount of new knowledge as in my university classrooms. I have worked with editors from top publications including People, Refinery29, Forbes, Billboard, and more; producers from Fuse, MTV; and clients from all walks of life in the entertainment, restaurant, beverage, health & wellness, and tech industries.

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